Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Four Points Author Network

It was lovely to spend the day with like minds today. We enjoyed a nice meal, and returned to Annie Seaton's house where we enjoyed a few wines, but we also discussed the marketing aspect of writing.

We brainstormed titles for two of my Suspense novels with Romantic Elements. I do have working titles, and also a few more, but I want to come up with the best. I'm fussy. :) We did up come with a few, and now I can't decide.

It's amazing what meeting with other authors and writers can do for ones motivation. I want to write all night, but unfortunately that is not possible. But I will be at it after supper tonight, and in the morning for the better part of the day.

I also enjoy the drive up north. It's wide open space, cattle grazing on either side of the road, and mountains that seem to cocoon you from the harsher environment over the tablelands. 

Mind you, out tanks at home are dry, and we haven't had rain for such a long time. I do hope we get a downpour for the earth to absorb before the heat waves of summer settle in. I hate paying for water. :) Considering it comes from the sky and is free for everyone, or supposed to be free.

I could ramble and ramble. lol... Of course I'm a writer. Most people say I can talk underwater while typing. Hmmm.. No, I'm not that bad am I? lol

Bye 4 now. And don't forget smile. :)


Anonymous said...

Sound like you had a lovely day. Now get back to your writing dear girl.

Shirley. x

Tarnya said...

Sounds great. I wish there were other writers close by. I understand what you mean by having the day off writing. I get annoyed after one day and a little edgy until I'm back writing. I must be obsessed.


Jennjmcleod said...

Sorry I missed you. I didn't know you we're coming up. See you when I see you.