Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've been a fan of Shakespeare for many years, and I find my current wip is being influenced by one of Shakespeare's plays. Therefore, I have used a quote from Shakespeare to give it a kick start. 

 When Romeo and Benvolio are talking about Tybalt, Romeo says,

'This day's black fate on more days doth depend, but this begins the woe others must end.'

 Romeo fears that the fate of Mercutio's death will be ongoing and that it won't end that day. Meaning the feud will be stronger and ongoing until others must end it.

 Figurative language is used in all of Shakespeare's plays. It is often difficult to understand as it's written as one thing, yet it can mean several different things. When reference is made to star crossed lovers, 'I defy you stars,' it's not literally meaning the stars in the sky, but fate (stars are commonly associated with fate and destiny)

 One of the main themes and significant factors in Romeo and Juliet is fate. Throughout the play fate played a major role, as they believed fate was their destiny.

 Don't worry I'm not using figurative language in my current wip. Lol But there is a feud that is ongoing and has to be stopped. A death has everyone on edge and the feud, believed by some to be none existent, is secretly growing stronger until Juliet seeks the truth and uncovers a deadly plot between the two families. A plot that has existed for generations. Naturally Romeo and Juliet do come together, yet Juliet suspects Romeo of being involved in the deception.  Oh, and they do not die thank heavens. Loved that movie btw.

 2.000 words yesterday, and I hope to have the same today. Have a nice day everyone, and smile. :)
Oh wip is short for Works in Progress. :)


Tarnya said...

I love Shakespeare as well, especially Romeo and Juliet. Glad you are into your writing again as I'm hanging for your next one.

Tarnya. x

Anonymous said...

Poetry and Shakespeare can evoke some strong emotions. Well done on the word progress, Suzanne. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Tarnya.
lol... I think you will be waiting a while. I wish I could say in two months, but they are searching for a home as I write. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sandy,
Thank you, although I only managed 1.944 today. That's close. I usually make up for it on other days. :)