Thursday, July 12, 2012

Burning Lies-Review

I had to have a breather after finishing reading Burning Lies before I could even contemplate writing a review. I must stress that all reviews I do on good reads, and my blog are purely from a reader's perspective, not from a writer. Although the editing was superb which impressed me.

Ms. Young is outdoing herself on this third novel, Burning Lies. I loved book number one, Border Watch, which is now Wings of Fear, and Shattered Sky. Then comes along Burning Lies where she completely immersed me with such suspense I was left breathless.

Burning Lies begins with the life of Kaitlyn Scott as she seeks the truth behinds her husband's death. She uncovers a mastermind that will stop at nothing to keep his past a secret.  Burning Lies explodes into such a dramatic, suspenseful novel and outdid any other suspense novel I have read this year.

It also had a degree of romance that was just enough to satisfy the romantic suspense reader. I think it had more romance/passion than her former two novels.

Without giving away the story, which I find difficult not to run around telling everyone what happens in the story, I was with Kaitlyn, her son Dan, her mother Julia, and the hunky hero Ryan, it has tragedy, love, and certainly kept me reading until the end in two sittings. I wanted to read it in one sitting, but at three in the morning, well sleep deprivation got the best of me.

Absolutely loved it. I think you will too if you read Romantic Suspense. Check it out.  Congratulations Helene. I'm still breathless, and something is lodged in my throat. I'm still there with Kaitie and Ryan. Do they have any children? lol


Jenn J McLeod said...

I'm about to lauch myself into Burning Lies. Arrived in the post today. See ya :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

You will love it Jenn :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might be even more inspired to launch into Romantic Suspense again, Suzanne. BL is on my TBR pile as I'm halfway through Kylie Griffin's first novel with the second staring at me from the book shelf. :) I'm doing Helene's 'Conflict' session at the conference.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sandie,
Yes, I love Romantic Suspense, and it may be the way I'm heading. I've read some Romantic suspense that have more romance than others. So here's to the future. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Okay, so I know it is Sandy. lol.. Sorry. :)

Helene Young said...

Suzanne, thanks for your wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - Ryan is my favourite hero of the three in the Border Watch series :-)

Ali Watts certainly encouraged me to dig deeper into the emotions of the characters so I'm ecstatic that you felt the book did that!

Thanks again,

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Helene
I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed it. I am currently looking around for something similar to read.
I'm flicking through free chapters and they aren't what I like to read. I hate it when I can't find a good book. :)