Thursday, June 21, 2012


We know about the so called rumours going around on the Internet, and it makes most of us wonder about the state of publishing throughout the world. Take a look at this site, Is the Sky Falling
It will help you see things much clearer.

How do you persist in the face of depressing odds?

It depends on why you want to be published. What motivates you toward path to publication and keep on going

It is the love of writing that pushes me forward. I am not in it for the money that's for sure. Not many writers make a full time wage from their writing.  I love getting characters together and seeing what can happen to them, also, it's nice to be able to write stories that help women. To give them an escapism from the harsh realities of the world. And women throughout the world do suffer a lot more than some other women.  Some of us get it easy, and some, not so easy. I'm intererested in the paths women choose, and their outcome. Life can be tough, but I also agree that the strong survive. You have to be strong in all walks of life.

Let me know what you think of the site. I found it very interesting. I'm off to read the comments. Then more writing today, a full day of it.

Bye 4 now :)


Tarnya said...

Keep on writing. It's the only way.
Tarnya. x

Anonymous said...

Great post and loved the link. Interesting. I think change will happen, but agents, publishers, editors will still be around. The main publishers may have to search for submissions though, as I think writers are seeking someone to notice them, if not, they self publish.