Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Real men

I was thinking about the men in our novels, and wondered what people thought about the 'real man'?

If you don't know what Glamping is, it's the recent term for glamorous(usually 'eco') camping holidays. Mention Glamping to a 'real man' and he gets insulted. It's like an offence, it's like giving Chuck Norris a manicure, or waxing Bert Reynolds chest, or even shaving Hugh Jackman's head oh, and perhaps his chest. lol What a waste. :)

Apparently, glamping is the sort of thing 'real men' feel uncomfortable with.
  • Real Men prefer to camp

  • Real men do not like glamping


    'Real Men' have have a primal need to make a fire, chop the wood, and do the old fashioned camping thing. Like with a tent, and axe, along with all the paraphernalia that goes with camping. This exposes them to hundreds of spiders, snakes and feral animals, as well as biting insects. And heaven help if it rains, or even pours during the night. They don't blink an eyelash. They strut around tackling it like they would if they were riding a wave, or skiing the slopes of the Alps.

    Have the ladies won over in converting our 'real men' into Glampers? :) I'd love to know what your think, or perhaps you have converted your man, or maybe you too love the outback roughness with burrs in your back, and the creepie crawlers in the night.

    I know which one I'd prefer. I love a bit of comfort. lol.
    Camping out in luxury. lol.. Okay so it's not camping out in a tent, but it's still away from home, and out. lol.. :)


    Tarnya said...

    Hi Suzanne
    My husband is a lover of outdoors. He's the rough em tough em type guy and loves going camping with his mates fishing etc.

    But we don't miss out on the comforts either because he takes me to some exotic resort style motels.

    I'd say I've half tamed him. lol..

    Maria Zannini said...

    I didn't mind roughing it when I was younger, but I prefer room service now. Hubby too. LOL.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Suzanne
    I camp, my husband camps and I love it still. I do however love the odd occasion where a motel, or resort becons me and hubby doesn't mind. So I guess he's a real man.


    Shirley. x

    Anonymous said...

    As far as my husband and I are concerned, Suzanne, the definition of camping is on the lower floors of a better class of hotel.
    And this from a man who can field strip a large caliber rifle in the dark - and put it back together correctly.

    AJ Best said...

    July 8-9 we are going camping with the kids. The park is right down the street (thankfully). We do the half camp and the half glamping.

    1. I have my cell phone - which does get signal in the woods.
    2. We (my fiance and I) sleep on a futon mattress in our tent.
    3. We bring a projector, sheet, and laptop so we can watch movies.
    4. I am allowed to bring my fan!

    The boys camp, I DEFINITELY glamp

    Suzanne Brandyn said...

    Hi Shirley,
    Yes, I guess they can be a mixture. lol :)

    Suzanne Brandyn said...

    lol Sandy, that's acceptable. An all rounder. :)

    Suzanne Brandyn said...

    Hey AJ, that is so cool. Let me know how it goes. What an excellent idea. :)