Saturday, April 14, 2012

The World of Writing-Critique Partners

There's much to be said about the world of Writing. I've enjoyed meeting many people throughout the years, but there is more to be said about critique partners. People who you can trust to give their honest opinion. I think when you find these special writers don't let them go, hold onto them and give them all you can. lol.

I have a few crit partners, yet I'm just beginning to send my work out to them. I love the feedback. Often it's minor, something I can't see, and they spot it like right away. Oh deary me. Thank you. You are invaluable, a pot of gold.

I have another crit partner that there hasn't been much conversion with of late, and I mean to change that. She picks out things like no one else can. So this post is a thank you to you ladies who converse with me via email, who ring me when times are down, and who are just there if you need to brainstorm an idea or two, well perhaps three, in my case. lol.

So when you find that valuable feedback and you trust your source its worth it's weight in gold, believe me.

Okay, fish is on the barbie, chili sauce, salad, potato bake, fresh bread rolls, oh and no, I only did the potato bake. I do not, let me repeat, do not cook on a Sat night, that's hubby's job or we go out for tea. Tonight it's a home job. Looking forward to his cooking. It's yum scrum.

Have a great week next week. I'm really seriously going to be into writing, So I'll catch you asap.
Suzanne :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

It seems finding a great CP can be a needle-in-the-haystack proposition. And you're right, they're worth their weight in gold.

I was lucky enough to find an absolutely fabulous crit partner, almost a year ago now, and the difference she has made in my writing is (I think) phenomenal.

We tend to Skype each other, go over each other's work with a fine tooth comb, have a coffee together and a chat. We're about on a par with our writing, though we each bring different skills to the table, so the symbiosis works very well. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

That sounds great Sandy. You are very fortunate to have found a crit partner that is compatible. Good on you.
Love the idea os skypeing together. Honest communication is the go. :)

Looks like we can wait for your turn to be pubilshed soon. :)

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Suzanne :)

Between you, me and the gatepost, I've entered an ms into the Maggies and the Sheila, should be interesting to see what sort of feed back I get.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

It's the feedback you are after. It's also invaluable. I'd love to take a look at some of your work sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I'm flattered! If you're serious I'd love to take you up on that. Head's up though, I write science fiction romance, so it might not be quite your cup of tea. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sandy,
I read and critique all types of genres. :)

Shoot me an email. :)