Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting and Wondering

I'm waiting on the pdf proof to come through of Forgotten Memories for my last read over. Also I've just finished going over an 80.000 manuscript, and about half way through another I'm rewriting. I want to get all my bits and pieces finished so I can undertake the 50ks in 30 days in June. I'm hoping to get another novel finished.

Today I met up with Karly Lane, Kerri Williams, and Jodie Rollstron. I do hope I spelt your last name right Jodie. It was lovely chatting about the publishing industry, and listening to what other writers are going through. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
I got a lovely bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day today, and we are going out to tea to somewhere secret. lol.. secret.. Should be interesting.

Oh forgot to mention I have finished one online course, and currently doing another through Margie Lawson. So far, I'm enjoying them immensley. :)

Happy Valentines Day. :)

Okay, must go and read, and write.

Suzanne :)


Rachael Johns said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy Suz! Enjoy your secret tea and the rest of Valentine's Day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy valentines day Suzanne. Are you worn out as yet. It's nearly time for your release. I'm standing up for the first copy.


Tarnya said...

You're full steam ahead aren't you. I hope you had a Happy Valentines Day. We just got home. I got the flowers, chocolate, and dinner. A dozen red roses they are divine.

Tarnya. x

Angelina Rain said...

Good luck on all you are doing. Sounds like you are keeping very busy.