Monday, May 30, 2011

Write in June

Are you gearing up for 50ks in 30 days? I am..... :)

I have my main plot in place. I have subplots, but most of all I have my characters saying hi to me. What do I mean? I know my characters now, down to what they had for dinner. Knowing your characters and how they react to any unforeseen incidents will really help your work flow. It helps me. I've got a general outline, and well the rest is history. Well let's hope so..... It would be nice for a publisher to pick it up when it's finished. We all think like that. We all hope, do our best, but we have to do better. And with that last comment I'm going to browse over my bits and pieces and ask What if? I want to give my heroine so many obstacles/problems that she has to fight her way out of them in the hope of finding normality once again, if there is ever such a thing. :)

My working title is Finding Faith, and I hope it will stay. I will have three manuscripts sort of related but not. That doesn't make sense, but each title is similar although the stories are not linked in the way that a character will come forth in the following novel, the titles are linked. Oh boy, talk about confusing. Am I making sense. lol.....

It's raining outside, it hasn't stopped since the early hours of this morning. It's one of those grey days, and it's so quiet. So quiet I could hear a mouse sneeze...Oh that's if we have any, I pray not. lol....

Oh, and if you want to participate in Write in June, there's still time. Here's the link:

Suzanne :)

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Tarnya said...

Love the title Suzanne, Finding Faith can mean so much.
I'm not doing the Write in June. I have to work full time and long hours but perhaps the NaNoWriMo.

I know you will do it, and good luck with this novel in all ways.

Tarnya. x