Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reviews-The good, the bad and the ??

Review. The Good.
This novel is a great affirmation that sometimes love is all you need. It reminds us that even though things are not always easy, that true love and connection are worth fighting for. While nothing about her heroines situation is easy we are reminded that even when you make mistakes real love forgives and offers a fresh start. Heat is delivered in spades in this story even if it isn't just about the temperature. Suzanne Brandyn teases us with the fire of passion from the very first page giving us just enough to keep you reading but not enough to ever push over the boundaries of being tasteful. Ms. Brandyn crafts an excellent tale with characters you care about from the beginning even if you find yourself wanting to push them into each others arms long before they seem to be ready. Simplicity and depth of feeling don't always coexist well but you find yourself feeling deeply the emotions of both of her main characters. You find yourself rooting for them, feeling like they are old friends. This is definitely a book I would recommend as a great summer read.

Reviewed By Shellie Brown.
The bad...I had to laugh at this next review (posted below)where the reviewer said there wasn't even a name of a town given, which there certainly was, Myall Creek. Also it states the novel could be set anywhere in the world, is proof she didn't read it.Sarah the heroine drives over 8hrs north west of Sydney, NSW Australia. It even states, out west from Sydney. Look that up on google. It doesn't take you overseas to Arizona, or Texas US, no it takes you to a place on the edge of the Outback which is based on a real town, the fictitious name given is Myall Creek. The heroine didn't take a boat, or aircraft. There is no mention of her travelling overseas. The reviewer also says the secondary characters were flat. Oh well, she is entitled to her/his opinion. Oh and she also said not enough description. Again, her opinion. Reviews that can be found at the eternal press site, on my website, and the second review below state otherwise.

It's obvious whoever the reviewer is he/she didn't read the novel, and only skimmed the pages.  He/She also stated this novel is not great, but good. Well, there are not too many novels around that are great. The twilight series are great, Beautiful Malice was great, a lot of Nora Roberts novels are great. But she said it was good. Hmm. The point is when doing a review shouldn't the reviewer get the facts right even if their comments are indifferent?

Opinions...we all have them...and thankfully they vary. :)
Review The ???
If you are looking for a mildly pleasant way to use up a few hours, this is a fairly good choice. The main idea of the book is by confronting your past, not only will you gain closure but you may find what you've been searching for all this time.

Sarah, a successful model, returns home to bury her estranged father and ends up finally confronting a secret that she has been hiding for ten years. Ethan, her first love, has some secrets of his own that need to be aired.

In general, the story has a few unique points but overall is a little predictable. As a reader who likes to become immersed in the world of the story, I would have liked to have had more description. For example, I don’t think that the town was ever given a name. More information about Australia would have been nice too. If you ignored the few Aussie words the setting could have been any dry, hot place.

A few of the minor characters also seemed a little flat. Sarah herself is a bit of a delicate flower. She also was a bit slow in putting the pieces together and her choice fiancé makes one question her decisions. I did find some of the secrets themselves had a unique twist, but even they could have used a little more meat. I would have loved a few pages on how Mr. Wade did his job. By the end of the book, it kind of felt like some conflicts were shoved in when the story was clearly winding down just to add length.

I recommend borrowing this book from the library or a good friend; it’s a good book but not a great book.

Reviewed By Monette Gray

Ps. You ask why did I post the ???review. Why not? I wanted to let authors know- don't take reviews personally. If it was such a bad read (I'm not only talking about my novel here, but generally overall) the publisher would not have contracted the novel in the first place.

Have a good one!!!!


Tami said...

I've been told that even bad publicity is publicity! :) And not every person in the world is going to love your book.

Believe it or not, some people don't like the Twilight books, some don't like Harry Potter. And it's not a jibe at the author, it's a personal choice.

Very good advice as usual Suzanne!

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm always amused when reviewers want your characters to be someone they might create, but aren't your style. I had a similar experiencing when someone looking for a shoot-em up, blood and gore western tiptoed through my sweet western romance and complained because my hero wasn't John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Sometimes, rather than assess what's been written, the reviews are based on expectations instead. But, as someone said above...any publicity is just that. We can't be everyone's cup of tea, although we keep trying, don't we? :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you Tami, :)

Hi Ginger, I agree. I'm not worried that this reviewer had a few indifferent things to say, afterall, the reviews I have been receiving are absolutely wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Tami said...

Ginger - I have heard some ugly things that reviewers write about books. And it kills me that someone could be that idiotic. My hopes when I finally (crosses fingers, toes, hair, and eye balls) get published that ONE person reads it and likes it...everything passed that is GOLDEN!