Thursday, July 22, 2010

My TBR Pile and R pile

Beautiful Malice: With a page-turning plot and characters that leap off the page, this story is about  friendship and secrets that cannot be be hidden.

My choice so far this year would have to be Beautiful Malice. I was hooked. The  writing flowed and the story sat me down and I read and read and read.

The novel, I think, was originally aimed at the younger market, but I have spoken to many writers in their 30's and up saying that they couldn't put it down as well. So it's not only the teens that are getting a buzz out of Rebecca's story. This story is very original and full of suspense. 

Rebecca James has done a truly amazing job, not only with the plot but the characters. A story of murder, deception and betrayal. It's told in the first person by a 17 year-old Katherine. Katherine's traumatic past is revealed slowly to create mystery, and tension. I loved it. :)
But there is a secret, one that Katherine is hiding about her sister. Katherine feels deeply responsible. It is Alice that is also the star of the story. Dear little Alice, until all is revealed and explodes on the page.

I'm almost finished The Family Farm, Fiona Palmer and loving it. My TBR pile consists of, Dark Country Bronwyn Parry, Red Dust Fleur McDonald ( I read Blue Skies and loved it. I seem to have read her latest first)  Sharon Archers latest two medicals, Fiona McArthur's latest, the list goes on. lol.... I'm getting there. :)
In between writing, pitches, getting ready for the conference and writers meetings,  time is unlike an hour glass, it is more like stack of cards, whatever hand you get you play it out.

Suzanne :)


Sally Clements said...

Hi Suzanne! and in 5 days you can add mine! Catch Me A Catch available 28 July from The Wild Rose Press.

Shelley Munro said...

Hi Suzanne - I'm finding my reading time severely restricted at the moment. I need to go on holiday again or something!

I've read a little YA during the last couple of years. I enjoy them because they're often very different from what's available in the romance section.

Tami said...

I'll be headed to the hospital in about 5 days, and I am taking EVERY book I have in my arsenal of books that HAVE to be read for review, and those that I want to read for research and those that I want to read just cause!

And I do plan on writing also. Wish me luck!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sally, I will certainly do this. Why, because you came to my blog and reminded me oh and I have to admit, the title sounds lovely. Too intriguing to pass by. :)

Hi Shelly, Me too. Holiday sounds what we both need. I'm trying to read more. lol.. and write more. :)

Hi Tami,
I'll be thinking of you. Email me please. Don't forget. :)My prayers go out for great success. :)