Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's a ghost in my Computer :)

I'm certain there is a ghost haunting my blog. lol. My posts are missing again. They are not in the blogger dashboard thingo. I had this trouble some time ago, I don’t know what happens.

I have just sent ‘Heat in the Outback’ edits off to the editor and it's now gone to the copyeditor. I have one last time to go over it. I am also still enjoying Margie Lawson's course, Empowering Character Emotions.

What I'm going to do now is do some research for another novel that I have almost finished. It needs a few more drafts. I need to check that all plot ends are tied up, and that everything makes sense.

This story is about one woman's journey who is suffering retrograde amnesia. She is also is a pilot. She rescues the man she loves from an aircraft accident deep within the mountainous ranges of the Australian Outback.

Did you know that there are eight or more different types of amnesia. I am finding it so interesting. I've also found out something startling, but I can't say now, as it is needed when I finally find a home for this manuscript. I'm enjoying writing this one, it's a romantic suspense. :)

Okay, sleep now,

Suzanne :)

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Tami said...

I think I have all 8 types of amnesia!

I have something here for you!