Saturday, February 27, 2010

Writing courses etcetera

I came across this useful information about a Gemini. :)

Respected for their intelligence to be creatively original. I'm a Gemini, and they say we are our best in teaching, writing, typing, journalism, media, and any other line that requires mental input. This would be great for a lifetime profession. Well that's it, my lifetime profession, writing. Work is an outlet to express our creative need.
Now that does sound very promising. Lol. I also pasted it to your right. Afterall I am supposed to think and act positive at all times. :) Am I right?

Also, being a writer, we never cease to learn something new each day. Thus that being said, I'm trying to get into Margie Lawson’s next course, Empowering Characters Emotions, starting on March lst. I've heard so much about it, and well, I want to learn new things. lol. I want to learn everything I can about writing. So here's hoping there is a space for me next week. I'm not sure how much time each day is required, but I can always do my writing at night.
  • Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing? Yes please.
  • Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page? Yes please.
  • Want to turn your work into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally? Yes Please. Lol
  • Look forward to learning: Very much so.
Fingers crossed I still have time to register and they are not full up. Ho hum. :)

What courses have you as a writer undertaken? Or what courses are you wanting to undertake?
Okay, lots to do, people to met, places to go, and lots of writing and writing related tasks that require my attention. Enjoy your weekend.

Suzanne :)


Lia Bal said...

You're a geminy? Cool. My husband, my aunt, uncle, grandma, half of the men I've dated, and some of my friends are all geminis.

You're lucky you get to take writing courses. All the ones I've looked at around where I live cost too much money for me to afford but I have found some vary good writing articles online and some good books on writing at the library.

Kaye Manro said...

That writing course sounds great. I hope you get in.

I love taking writing courses and classes whenever I can. We can never learn too much when it comes to writing!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me Darlin... I think it's great that you are doing this...although your writing is pretty damn good. :)
Nat. x

Mel Teshco said...

I saw Margie at the conference and she was fantastic!
Writing courses...books. Not many. Altnough I do recommend Stephen King's 'On Writing' and I can't go past Angela Knight's Passionate Ink, A Guide To Writing (fantastic).