Friday, January 22, 2010

Free-Win-Win-Win A Copy of Passion In Paradise

I'm running a competition to win a copy of 'Passion In Paradise', if you have not already purchased a copy.

At the end of February I will be giving away two copies. All you have to do is send an email with Comp in the subject line, and explain why you love reading contemporary romance. Contact details are on my website.

Here's an Excerpt to temp you.

     Oxygen mixed with gaseous particles of smoke as it accumulated in the cockpit. Jacqueline sat glued to her seat, alarmed at the events taking place. Her hands trembled as they moved to cover her mouth, the whites of her eyes widened as flames licked the instrument panel, feeding her with panic.

     “What are you going to do?” she spluttered.
     “Try to land.”
     “What, land here, where? There’s no land.” She glanced around horrified; they were surrounded by nothing but endless ocean.
     “You mean to say you’re going to land on th-the ocean, in the middle of n-nowhere?” Her heart bashed against her chest. Her gaze fluttered in all directions.
     “I don’t see us having any other options at the moment, do you?”
     Her eyes widened and she bit down on her lip.
     "I have to try to land as safely as possible. When I tell you to get moving, you move as quick as you can.   There are lifejackets in the back.” He was responsible for Jacqueline. Hell, if anything happened to her he’d die. He couldn’t live without her, not anymore, he wouldn’t.
     She unclipped the buckle on her seat belt and lunged behind her, groping through the haze of smoke. She passed a lifejacket to Michele. Her hands trembled as she struggled to slip it over her head and then clip it in place. Then she clicked her seat belt firmly around her.
     “The radio is out, I’m not sure if anyone received the mayday call. I’ve dropped to five hundred feet. We might not make such a smooth landing. I want you to be prepared.” He slipped his life jacket over his head.
     “Th-they did train you to land like this. I mean in emergencies, didn’t they?” She glared at him.
     He turned toward her noticing fear racing through her pupils. “You could say that.”

If the excerpt doesn’t tempt you, there is a trailer on my website. If you miss out, don't forget you can purchase a copy from my website (Australian Residents Only) as it saves you waiting two weeks for shipment and it's at a discounted price. For all other countries please visit

Thank you,

Suzanne :)


Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

hey, hon.
i'm back.
see you soon.

Suzanne Jones said...

Looks fantastic, Suzanne. Congratulations.


taryna.berry said...

I've emailed you Suzanne.



Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

What a great excerpt!! can't wait to read it.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Suzanne,
Nice excerpt. Lovely cover too.


Rachael Johns said...

Been away on hols... feel OUT OF TOUCH with all the blogs - lol!! Looks like you've done some good posts :)

Helene Young said...

Love a story with an aviation moment! Enjoyed reading your excerpt, Suzanne


Ilona Fridl said...

Great excerpt, Suzanne! I do love ant kind of romance. From a fellow Wild Rose Press author.