Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I thought I should come in and update. Currently I'm having computer problems. Geeish. My laptops video card or whatever has died.  So hopefully that will be winging it's way to be fixed very soon. Luckily it is still under warranty. My computer is working okay except for the internet when everytime I get onto blogger internet explorer closes down. So I'm on hubbies computer. lol... My last post has vanished and I can't reload it and the photos were on my laptop. So here I am. :) Luckily all my manuscripts are on memory keys.

On the writing front. Well for the first past of 2009 I worked on a manuscript with an editor for about three months. She wanted to contract it and requested a contract for it. Apparently this is a new protocol, but the senior editor said it lacked pizzaz... Boo Hoo! Therefore I sent it to another publishing house and they loved it but unfortunately they were just about to publish a story very similar. Ho Hum. Just missed out there. Nevertheless I sent in another, a partial and they requested the full six weeks later. I guess I'll hear back from them next year now.  I have also spent another six months studying the craft of writing in a different line where I gleaned everything I could find. lol  So hopefully it may pay off next year.

Christmas is almost upon us and things have slowed. I guess everywhere it slows down a little until mid to late January. Okay I should go. It's late and I need sleep. :)
Keep well and hopefully I will get to your blog soon. I think I'll feel better once my laptop is fixed and my computers internet explorer doesn't shut down on me. lol... These trials are surely put there to drive one crazy I'm sure of that.


Jessica said...

Eek! Those are great rejections but it stinks to be SO close. I hope this partial does the trick. :-)

Rachael Johns said...

Know the feeling of working with an editor, feeling your a close and then still being R'd! It hurts! But you are persistent, so you'll get there!!