Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update and all Settled at Harlequin

It's all settled finally. Joanne Grant has said that no rules were broken, etc. etc. and etc. :) So I'm pleased about that and I want to wish all the winners a great, hearty congratulations. Well Done!  I do hope those who entered are not too upset by their response email. We all get rejections, my list is growing. Oh deary me. lol...

I'm going to get lost in my writing and hopefully it will someday be worthwhile. May the God's be with me and you. :)

I forgot to add, for those that are having trouble viewing my webiste we are working on it, and it should be refreshed within a few days.
Keep well,

Suzanne :)

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Suzanne Jones said...

Absolutely, congratulations to all four winners and everyone who got personal feedback.